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Earth911 Quiz #69: Carbon Offset & Renewable Energy Certificate Challenge


Earth911 Quiz #69: Carbon Offset & Renewable Energy Certificate Challenge


There are many ways to cut your carbon dioxide footprint by changing your habits, but you can also use your money to remove CO2. In this Earth911 Quiz, we challenge your knowledge about carbon offsets and renewable energy certificate (or “RECs”). These financial instruments let you pay for the sequestration of CO2 directly or buy clean energy, even when it is generated across the country. Dive in and discover how carbon offsets and RECs can become a tool that reduces your carbon footprint.


Every week, challenges you with quizzes that test your sustainability savvy and help you make environmentally friendly choices when you shop, use products, and dispose of unwanted items.

What does a carbon offset represent in the real world?


When you purchase a carbon offset, how much of what material is represented by the credit and what will happen to that material?

How much energy does a renewable energy certificate represent?


A renewable energy certificate (REC) represents a fixed amount of energy generated by a clean and renewable energy source, such as solar, wind, or hydro power. How much energy does each credit buy?

How does a REC provide consumers and companies access to green energy?


If you are interested in supporting clean energy production, a REC will allow you to access and use 1 MWh of power, no matter where it is produced. How does this mechanism work?

Which state set a 30 percent clean energy goal using RECs?


In 2004, the first U.S. state integrated RECs into its energy policy by allowing its citizens to purchase clean energy from its state-owned facilities. And, by allowing transfers from a nearby state with more clean power, that state achieved a 30 percent reduction in dirty energy usage. Which state was it?

Roughly how much does offsetting a year of auto emissions cost?


Although the price of carbon offsets can vary, they always represent a ton of CO2 that will be sequestered. In today’s dollars, how much does it cost to offset the CO2 produced by driving a 2018 Ford Mustang 12,000 miles a year?

What is a common criticism of carbon offsets and RECs?


Although they are accepted by many as useful tools, carbon offsets and RECs have been widely criticized for what?






















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