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Political actions have supply chain consequences in this month’s JSCM Video


Editor’s note: This video is collaboration between the Journal of Supply Chain Managementand Supply Chain Management Review. Each month, we bring SCMR readers a video interview from the pages of JSCM.

We all know that how we utilize the resources available to us in our supply network are key to the success of our supply chain strategy. Less attention is paid to the political environment in which we operate, yet it can be just as critical to success. If the political environment is not conducive to a firm’s supply chain strategy, a firm can either change its supply chain strategy or seek a political environment that is more favorable to its supply chain.

In this month’s video from JSCM, authors Abhay K. Grover and Martin Dresner discuss the second alternative. Based on their research entitled A theoretical model on how firms can leverage political resources to align with supply chain strategy for competitive advantage, they look at examples of how a firm’s political actions can enhance or detract from a supply chain strategy. Remember: Political actions have supply chain consequences.

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You can click here to access the article in full.

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