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IT Asset Administration Challenges Proceed to Develop


Is your business growing faster than your internal deployment team can manage?

Are you looking to consolidate office or warehouse space and in need of managed depot services?

Are you looking for ways to cut costs by reusing more of what you already own, versus buying new?

Are equipment sourcing shortages and delays impacting your business?

 finding an ITAM partner you can love_ Sage Sustainable Electronics

These are just a few of many new challenges facing IT Directors and Asset Managers alike. Outsourced solutions that can properly address these concerns are hard to find. The right IT Asset Management and Disposition partner will help you serve your employees, wherever they are, including the deployment of new or replacement devices and retrieving those devices when retired or terminated. The right ITAM+D partner will be capable of installing your custom image and enrolling new devices into your Mobile Device Management applications. The right partner will help recover devices and repurpose them for use by another employee within the organization. And the right partner will have high-quality, refurbished devices for sale that can supplement the existing fleet of devices.

What Traits Must a Provider Have to Support These Challenges?

  1. Business Rules Routing – Look for a partner who can demonstrate their ability to support a complex routing strategy to manage devices destined for a reuse disposition (redeployment, resale, donation, employee purchase, lease return, legal hold). Simply stating “we can do this!” is not enough. Ask the supplier to show you their portal, evidence of whether they’ve built their tools and processes to support anything beyond a standard resale and recycling effort.
  2. Robust Logistical Support – An experienced partner will be able to support pickups both large and small, through a network of experienced and knowledgeable agents, including box kit deployment and small parcel options for smaller volume pickups.
  3. A Reusable Mission – Seek a partner dedicated to a reuse mission, one that benefits the environment as well as your wallet. If their businesses focus isn’t on reuse, how can they support your reuse and redeployment strategy effectively? Providers should have the technical expertise and knowledge to repair and refurbish devices to extend their useful lives.
  4. B2B & eCommerce Sales and Consignment Strategy – Smart partners will go the extra mile to sell products to the right end user or business, rather than selling wholesale for a fraction of the value. Consignment sales also encourage the partner to sell high versus quick buyout solutions that often leave money on the table for the client.

Sage Sustainable Electronics_Love Your ITAM Partner

Sage attended a past Gartner’s IT Asset Management & Finance conference with a ‘Love Your Partner’ theme, focused on identifying the values and services often overlooked in a traditional RFP exercise. I invite you to use our valuable guidebook for additional factors you should consider when choosing your ITAM+ITAD partner.


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